Airlift Northwest


Airlift Northwest transports those in greatest need to wherever they need to go to receive definitive care. They put the lifesaving discoveries of UW Medicine in the air and into action to better safeguard patients’ lives. Airlift Northwest Membership protects you and members of your household from the unexpected costs of air transport during a medical emergency. When you or a family member are seriously ill or injured, the attending physician or emergency response team may determine that air medical transport is needed. In those cases, you may request Airlift Northwest.

Services Offered

  • Coverage for air medical transport.
  • A nearby base in Davenport to provide services for the communities of Central and Eastern Washington.
  • Ongoing training for local EMS teams, fire departments, hospitals, clinics and the general public through continuing education courses, landing zone trainings and participation in community events.
  • Packed red blood cells and liquid plasma on every flight, so they can provide in-flight transfusions without depleting local blood banks. This has been proven to save lives and benefit patient outcomes.

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